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Kettlebells is our low impact class suitable for all fitness levels.


Whether this is your first ever exercise class, or you're a fitness fanatic, this class is for you.

It's YOUR workout, so go at your own pace, no need to 'compete' or 'keep up'.

Our class is fantastic for people looking to tone and shape up, or burn some fat. We have the perfect blend of cardio work to burn those calories, and weight training to tone up those muscles.

With around 37 different kettlebell moves, you'll never find exercise boring again.

We have great music

We have a great atmosphere

And we'll support you throughout the workout with alternative exercises if any of them become a struggle.

"Best class I have joined Andy and Charlotte are great. I'm motivated before in and after class. I'm losing weight toning up and having fun. I recommend to anyone" Stacey

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