Bring back some structure and normality to your day

Lockdown got you feeling a bit lost?

Want to add some fun and purpose back to your week?
Don't fancy the High Intensity options on YouTube?
We get it, the world is a strange place right now, the thought of dieting or pushing for results may not even cross your mind.
But having an hour to yourself probably has.
Interacting with someone outside your home probably has too.
At Blast Fitness we are extremely proud of the community atmosphere we have.
Not a touch of that has been lost since moving online.
In fact, I'd go as far as to say, its better!! 
We are seeing less and less people daily, so our small group personal training sessions are our sanctuary right now.
Each session is low impact, we concentrate on the quality of exercise over the quantity.
We are with you live during your workout, giving you real time feedback to get the best out of your time.
We are here to support you outside of the sessions to give you the full package.
Sound like what you need right now?
Drop us a message