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"I was blown away by the results, I lost 1 stone in 8 weeks and it has really made me think about what I eat and keeping fit." 

"I was sceptical about the simplicity of the diet plan and workout plan to start with, but boy did it work, lost over 9kg and inches and I’ve got confidence!"

"I'm so grateful for my journey so far I now weigh lighter than I have in over 10 years and I feel fantastic, my family and friends are now complimenting me how well I look and It makes my day "

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Here's what you'll get... 

Bespoke workout plan

A bespoke plan to help you burn fat anywhere, whether you have gym access or want to workout from home with no no equipment at all. We'll make a plan for YOU.

Bespoke Nutrition


No restrictive meal plans, no time consuming calorie counting, just a simple to follow system that you can follow anywhere any time. 

A coach that is there for you 

A coach that really cares about you, who you have contact with daily and is there to answer your questions, support and guide you. 

Private Facebook Group

Our support network is priceless, we have created a group of likeminded people. Everyone is at a different stage of their journey, but you all have one thing in common, you have taken action to make a better you.

£49 per month

Got any questions first?
Our most common ones are answered just below
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Commonly asked questions

Q. Will this work for beginners?

Absolutely, I work with many beginners, I show you how to start exercise in a safe manner without being thrown in at the deep end.  

Q. Do I need a gym membership?


Not at all. Every workout is bespoke, so if you want to workout from home with zero equipment, you'll program will work to this. Likewise, if you have a gym membership I'll build a routine based on your gym.  

Q. Is it complicated to follow?

Far from it, Each exercise will have a video demo showing you exactly how to perform it safely, there will be a list of teaching point and suitable alternatives.

Q. How long will the workouts take?


As long as you want them to. With all workouts being bespoke, they'll be built to fit your lifestyle. From 40 minute lunch break workouts, to 15 minute home circuits while you get those precious few minute to yourself.  

Q. What if I have an injury?

We'll make it work. Truth is, almost everyone has a bit of something wrong. Your unique workouts will be carefully planned around any injuries. Depending on how bad the injury is we can focus on losing weight with minimal exercise.


Q. I'm a vegetarian/vegan will it suit me?

Sure thing. Everyone has a right to be healthy, regardless of whether you eat animal products. 


Q. I'm a fussy eater, will I have to things I don't like?

Of course not. I focus on increasing the amount of good quality nutrient dense food you consume, but I'll never get anyone eating a thing they don't like.  

Q. Can I cook the same meals for the whole family?

Definitely, there's nothing worse than having to cook multiple meals for the family, you can all sit down to the same meal together every night.   

Q. Do I have to count calories?

Nope, there is nothing wrong with counting calories, but for most people it's just another inconvenience. Our system is far easier to follow, less time consuming and can be followed anywhere.


"I started with Andy’s online coaching in February and was dubious as I have tried lots of Fad diets etc and always find it hard to sustain it long term.


This was different lots of advice & support & meeting up at local Parkruns. My partner & I lost over 15kgs in 4 weeks as well as inches.

- Linda


"I was blown away by the results, I lost 1 stone in 8 weeks and it has really made me think about what I eat and keeping fit.


Andy & Charlotte are lovely and so patient, really good at motivating and just making by you feel really welcome!"


- Kellie


"I love blast fitness, Andy’s coaching is very tailored to you and not just generic like a lot of other coaches I’ve used.


I was sceptical about the simplicity of the diet plan and workout plan to start with, but boy did it work, lost over 9kg and inches and I’ve got confidence!"


- Helen


After having two children I was at my heaviest, permanently exhausted and fed up with the way I looked and felt.


I wanted to do something to lose weight, get fit and make long term improvements for my health. I'd tried other slimming groups before but had never achieved the results I wanted in the long term.


I was worried I'd be hungry on a new "diet" but Andy creates a sensible programme that keeps you full and I still get to eat all of my favourite foods - all whilst losing a stone in the first 8 weeks!


And unlike other slimming groups he helps you create a positive mental attitude to nutrition and fitness within a supportive community.


He doesn't 'tell you off' if you have a slip up. Instead he tries to understand what has triggered your eating behaviour to help you avoid or cope with those triggers, which is far more helpful for long-term change.


Whatever your nutrition or fitness goals, I cannot recommend the Blast Fitness family enough"

- Alexis


"I decided to join Andy after years of trying diets with little or no success.


In my short time with Andy I have lost 16lb in weight and my inch loss has been amazing.

My energy levels have improved. My self confidence has also come on leaps and bounds. I wish I had joined Andy years ago.



I joined Andy and his team in November. At first I was very reluctant as I’d tried many other diets and plans with little or no success. I decided to give it a go as I had nothing to lose.

The first month brought amazing success. Which lead to me staying on the plan to learn more about nutrition and exercise. I’ve lost 2 stone since then and my measurements have changed dramatically and feel amazing for it.

The plan is so easy to follow and you get amazing results. I feel more confident, I have more energy, I have more flexibility, I feel motivated every day and the community you become part of is fantastic and so encouraging. I wouldn’t change anything and only wish I joined sooner.”​


- Lee