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Meet Kerry - 

"I joined as I'd tried many different gyms but wanted a small personal feel which I definitely get! I was fed up of joining places which said they were inclusive but tailored for elite athletes or people who were already ultra fit/strong!

You are the only gym I have stayed with as despite me having a low motivation day, eating rubbish food or feeling down on myself for not doing the best I can. You are never judgmental but give me the option to discuss and make small manageable goals or draw a line under it and move forward again.

Your classes have never made me feel I can’t do anything as you always modify if needed without doing something different or feeling like the worst in the class.

You have helped me factor exercise into my life to achieve something functional that helps me achieve my goals of playing with kids and keeping up rather than chasing unrealistic numbers! Because my goal is for me I am motivated to sticking to it.

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Meet Nick -

"I joined because I wanted to both lose weight and improve my general fitness, as a way of generally improving my normal day-to-day life. Kerry had been coming for a little while, and telling me how much she was enjoying it. I stayed for a whole host of reasons, really. One of the things which I've always struggled with is being able to adapt exercises to be effective whilst still manageable with my disability. From day 1, Andy has been brilliant at figuring out how to make these adaptions for me, and more importantly being able to do so without making me feel awkward for not being able to do the usual exercises. During lockdown and having to shield, Blast has some days been the only time I've spoken to other people, and the exercising has been important to keeping me sane (well, as sane as possible, anyway!)."

Meet Tom -

"I joined the circuits class two years ago after my wife Emma started PT with Andy. It was great to find a fitness class that didn't feel like a 'normal' gym or leisure centre. Everyone there is friendly and helpful and Andy and Char are great instructors - motivational and make it tough but enjoyable! Over the past year, Em and I have appreciated the flexibility of the online classes that have allowed us to continue exercising during lockdown and fit around time with our baby girl."

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Meet Cathy -

"I joined Blast when it first started and have stayed because I enjoy the workouts from kettles to PT. Andy and Charlotte are so encouraging and helpful. The other members are very friendly too.

During the past year I have been kept motivated with the live zoom workouts and knowing there is always someone there for you."

Cathy joined us when Blast Fitness was just a plan! We bumped into Cathy on a walk 4 weeks before we'd ever done a session at Blast. We got chatting and Cathy joined our Couch 2 5k in Aug 2016. It's been amazing to have Cathy on board week in week out ever since. Here's to the future, and thanks for the support

Meet Rhianna -

"I started group personal training with Blast back in July. Prior to joining I’d tried to diet and exercise on my own without much success. I knew with a little support, motivation and knowledge I would be able to achieve what I was aiming towards and 3 months in I’m already seeing results and feeling much empowered when it comes to diet and exercise. The group sessions are perfect for my budget, the company in the session makes the hour fly by as it’s a real social and relaxed atmosphere and I also feel that I can go completely at my own pace, pushing myself when I feel I need to rather than following what everyone else is doing. Andy has done brilliantly to find the balance between being in a group setting but still feeling like you’re getting a personalised experience. I would highly recommend the group training sessions to anyone as they are budget friendly and flexible for busy work schedules!"

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